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ISpeedees Online and Mobile Shop (IOMS) is dedicated to providing a hassle free and convenient experience for you to take advantage of at our domain. To facilitate a good community environment IOMS that fosters commerce IOMS must maintain safety from providers and users alike.

Contanct Us

Agreements and Notices

Below are notices, advisories, and agreements listed for easy references.

Privacy Agreement

ISpeedees Online and Mobile Shop does not collect any personal data to trade or share with third parties nor do we ask for any information that isn't needed for the operation of our day to day business. Any information collected by a service provider is in the keeping of the provider unless otherwise stated by the sub contract provider you use.

User Safety

It is essential that you as a user keep yourself protected at all times. Please make sure you take all safety concerns seriously and make an effort to make plans ahead of time so that you can utilize group transportation while using the online space to meet with others to share rides, car pool, or some other activity. 

It's important to realize we try our best to make this a safe space, but safety first and foremost must be practiced by our users too.

Worker Safety

We are just as committed to worker safety as we are to user safety. As a service provider you must take all safety concerns into account for your particular activity your taking part in on the platform. 

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